The Face of Tomorrow’s Contact Center & Customer Experience

We are living in uncertain times especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The way we live has changed dramatically and that includes the way we do business every day. Many call centers are experiencing an unprecedented upsurge in call volume and hold times supporting Federal, State, and Healthcare -related customer interactions.


Many are weary of what tomorrow’s customer experience will look like with all the unexpected disruptions, layoffs, uncertain travel plans and costs exceeding their budgets on top of it.

Because of COVID-19, call centers are impelled to look for smarter solutions and greater efficiencies. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is inevitable as it is a necessary technology solution for all call centers to streamline inquires with bots, then handed off to human agents. It’s not that AI is a new concept and most call centers have already adopted this technology, however, due to the pandemic, it is now becoming more of a necessary technology tool to handle and accommodate the high call volumes and eliminate abandoned calls.

High call volumes now include medical, emergency dispatch, testing and treatments as well as other financial banking concerns in mortgage payment deferrals, and credit card payments. The demand for more professionally-trained agents to handle calls and more BPO partners that can accommodate omni-channel call center services for companies are on the rise. Companies cannot afford downtime to scramble for last minute staffing, training, technologies and other customer engagement resources to meet pressing needs. And, customers are wanting more convenient communication options with shorter hold times for engaging such as Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and personal favorites customized to their working lifestyles.

Customer experience, also, is now transforming into a remote agent model with Work-At-Home options. With this Work-At-Home model, trained agents can still streamline calls in an efficient manner at the safety of their homes and are already equipped with the right brand scripting and training to represent your company.

Omni-channel, cloud-based platforms and AI automation will be the future of call centers, and be supplemented with a more personalized voice on the other end of the call with the attention and empathy to accommodate your need.

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